Saturday, July 22, 2006

How to create a large adsense income, step by step instructions

Hi there!
Before I say anything, I want to first make it clear to you, that the techniques that I'm about to show you make me well over $500 dollars a month, that's without selling a thing! Look to the right of this page, what do you see... adverts!
Adsense adverts, that is what is making me so much money right now! Go ahead click them if you want, you'll only make me an extra few dollars! Yes you heard an extra few dollars. Okay so maybe I'm exaggerating a little, sometimes I only make $0.03 for your click, but other times I can make upto $40 for a click (very, very rare though).
The average amount I make is about $1-2 per click on those adverts you see on the right. But hey! Thats brilliant because I recieve 100's of hits a day to this site and when people click on those ads (about 2% of them do!) I make money, lots of money.
Now enough about me, you're probably thinking, yeah, yeah, just show me the money. So here goes nothing.
A complete guide, yes a complete guide to making money on the net using adsense, quickly and easily!
Step 1 (if you've already got an adsense account, great! go to step 2)
This is the most annoying part, but hold on its worth it. You need to apply for a google adsense account, without it you can't make money, so listen carefully girls and boys. Applying for a google adsense isn't as easy as it sounds, you see google doesn't allow just any site to display their ads, the site has to have some good content.
So before signing up for an adsense account we need to get you up and running with a website, to do this you need to signup for a web hosting account, it must allow php and have no advertising on it, a good one to go to is:
if that doesn't work go to you should find plenty of free hosts there, but remember it must have no forced advertising and allow php.
Once you've got your webspace you need to create a website, login to your account and start creating your website, remember the purpose of this website is to get google to accept you in their adsense programme, so make it a good informative website with at least 15 pages, you can write about anything you like, but check the google's policies to make sure your site follows their rules,
Once you've done that you can finally signup for an adsense account using this link below
Make sure to enter the URL of the website you've just created when it prompts you for one.
After you've applied it should take from 1-2 days to get a reply telling you if you've been accepted. If you get rejected however you should go to the site below and signup for their google adsense course for more help
Step 2
Ok here's the fun bit, its the bit where we start making money. Assuming you've added your adsense code to your website we'll continue. If you haven't already done so you need to get a web hosting account that is ad free (It must be ad-free because google does not accept sites with ads already on them) and allows php (I'll explain why later), refer to step 1 for help on this. Once you have a site with adsense ads on it you need to get some good targeted traffic to your site.

For you to get good traffic to your site you need to be listed in the major search engines, you also need to be listed in a high positon to get maximum exposure of your website. If you get lots of people linking to your site then you will almost certainly get listed in the search engines, and if you have enough links you can get positioned highly too!

The whole process could take a few months, but keep creating mini-sites everyday. Slowly but surely you will start to see an awesome flow of money appearing in your adsense account just like magic.
Have fun making money
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