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How to create a large adsense income, step by step instructions

Hi there!
Before I say anything, I want to first make it clear to you, that the techniques that I'm about to show you make me well over $500 dollars a month, that's without selling a thing! Look to the right of this page, what do you see... adverts!
Adsense adverts, that is what is making me so much money right now! Go ahead click them if you want, you'll only make me an extra few dollars! Yes you heard an extra few dollars. Okay so maybe I'm exaggerating a little, sometimes I only make $0.03 for your click, but other times I can make upto $40 for a click (very, very rare though).
The average amount I make is about $1-2 per click on those adverts you see on the right. But hey! Thats brilliant because I recieve 100's of hits a day to this site and when people click on those ads (about 2% of them do!) I make money, lots of money.
Now enough about me, you're probably thinking, yeah, yeah, just show me the money. So here goes nothing.
A complete guide, yes a complete guide to making money on the net using adsense, quickly and easily!
Step 1 (if you've already got an adsense account, great! go to step 2)
This is the most annoying part, but hold on its worth it. You need to apply for a google adsense account, without it you can't make money, so listen carefully girls and boys. Applying for a google adsense isn't as easy as it sounds, you see google doesn't allow just any site to display their ads, the site has to have some good content.
So before signing up for an adsense account we need to get you up and running with a website, to do this you need to signup for a web hosting account, it must allow php and have no advertising on it, a good one to go to is:
if that doesn't work go to you should find plenty of free hosts there, but remember it must have no forced advertising and allow php.
Once you've got your webspace you need to create a website, login to your account and start creating your website, remember the purpose of this website is to get google to accept you in their adsense programme, so make it a good informative website with at least 15 pages, you can write about anything you like, but check the google's policies to make sure your site follows their rules,
Once you've done that you can finally signup for an adsense account using this link below
Make sure to enter the URL of the website you've just created when it prompts you for one.
After you've applied it should take from 1-2 days to get a reply telling you if you've been accepted. If you get rejected however you should go to the site below and signup for their google adsense course for more help
Step 2
Ok here's the fun bit, its the bit where we start making money. Assuming you've added your adsense code to your website we'll continue. If you haven't already done so you need to get a web hosting account that is ad free (It must be ad-free because google does not accept sites with ads already on them) and allows php (I'll explain why later), refer to step 1 for help on this. Once you have a site with adsense ads on it you need to get some good targeted traffic to your site.

For you to get good traffic to your site you need to be listed in the major search engines, you also need to be listed in a high positon to get maximum exposure of your website. If you get lots of people linking to your site then you will almost certainly get listed in the search engines, and if you have enough links you can get positioned highly too!

The whole process could take a few months, but keep creating mini-sites everyday. Slowly but surely you will start to see an awesome flow of money appearing in your adsense account just like magic.
Have fun making money
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Washington DC was nasty as could be. As I sat on the bench waiting for my bus to arrive I couldn't wait to get back to the backwoods of Louisiana. I had almost sat in a pool of blood that was on the far end of the bench and I was ready to go. I truly hope people coming to visit our country don't make DC one of their stops.
Anyway, before my bus arrived I was approached by a nicely dressed elderly gentleman in need of directions. I told him I had no idea what he was looking for as I too was just passing through. To this day I'm not sure why, but we started talking as if we had known each other for years.
We talked about life, people and eventually the conversation turned to business. It was here that the gentlemen saw something in me, I suppose, that made him feel like sharing what he said was the greatest secret ever told. He said everyone had heard it but almost no one paid any attention to it, even though it was the one thing that could bestow a fortune upon any man or woman who used it.
My ears where definitely starting to perk up. Something about his tone told me this man knew from whereof he spoke. And I wanted to know what the secret was with a passion. He must have sensed my anxiousness because at that very moment he gave me a warning that was almost a scolding.
I'll try to recount here as best I can the rest of our conversation...
Man: "Do not make the mistake of shrugging off what I am about to tell you because you have heard it before. No doubt you have heard it already from at least one person in your life. You may have even heard it many times. Do you have any aversion to religion Mr. Says?"
Me: "No I don't. I don't believe many preachers know what they are talking about or even what they are trying to teach, but I do know the Bible has a lot of great knowledge in it."
Man: "Good. I would not want you to discount what I am about to tell you because it does come directly from the Bible. But its applications reach far beyond what most people can conceive of. It will take thought, intense pondering on your part, to begin to get some inkling of its power."
"This simple secret, when applied to business, will draw money to you as easily as water runs down a mountain. Even a fool can apply it and prosper. When applied to relationships, it will create more friends than you can handle" (laughing heartily)
Me: "What is it, I'm dying to know now?"
Man: "Patience Mr. Says, Patience. I will not give it to you as it has always been repeated by fools who have no respect or knowledge of what it even means. No. I will give it to you another way."
"What type of business are you interested in?"
Me: "Well, I'm dabbling in Mail Order right now. I would like to place ads and sell books."
Man: "Fine. Fine. Mail Order it is. Let me tell you how to create a fortune in this Mail Order. All you have to do is create the product you want to buy"
Me: "I don't understand"
Man: "You will"
"You see, you are your market. Whatever you want, there are millions of other people wanting the same thing. That elusive product you are looking for is the product millions of others are also looking for right now."
"All you have to do is create the product you want to buy, the product you yourself have been looking for. Once you have this product, what would you want the sales message to say so that you know this is the product you have been looking for?"
"If someone else where selling this product, what would you want the ad to say, what would get you to buy this product?. When you have that answer, that is the ad you want to create."
Me: "I see" (hesitantly)
Man: "See the business across the street here? Pizza. I could triple the business that place does inside of 10 minutes. That's what I do by the way" (smiling)
"All I would do is walk into the business as a customer. I would sit there and imagine all the things that could be done to me that would make me a loyal customer to that business for life. What could they do for me that would make me feel this way?"
"Once I had the answers to that question, I would implement them across the board. Every customer would be treated the way I had imagined. And without any doubt what so ever that business would triple the profits it now makes."
Me: "I think I know..."
Man: "Wait, you don't really know anything yet. That's the problem with people. They brush something off because of where it came from or because they heard it many times. Leave that for fools. You won't "know it" until you have deeply pondered it and put it to use."
Me: "Ok"
Man: "What I am telling you has power undreamed of. The simple words used to describe it cannot contain it. Does not do justice to it, and has been prostituted by blabber mouths who let wisdom fall off their lips with not even a single brain cell grasping what they are rambling about."
"What I am telling you is Law, not man's Law, but the very Law's of nature herself. It's the way things work and those who truly understand it rise to the top in every field known to man."
"What people don't understand is that it applies to everything. This secret can be applied with virtually every step you take, everything you do, every word you speak and everyone concerned profits by it."
"If you are a writer, write like you would like to be written to" "If you are a salesman, sell like you would like to be sold to" "If you are a speaker, speak like you would like to be spoken to" "If you want more love, then love like you would like to be loved" "If you want more friends, be the friend you would like to see"
"When you infuse everything you do with this secret it takes on a magical power. Businesses dominate the market, books become best sellers, leaders attract huge and loyal followings."
"How would you like it?" "How would you respond to it?" "How would it make you feel?"
"Those are great questions to think about every time you do or create something. You will get into the hearts and minds of everyone who comes under your influence if you will first think how you would have it done to you."
"I'm certain you already know the quote from the Bible I'm referring to. But don't repeat it, just ponder it and pratice it."
Me: "I do. But I've never thought of how it could actually apply to everything in life. I too was one of those fools who passed it over without so much as a second thought. I really want to thank you for sharing this with me."
Man: "It's been a real pleasure talking with you Mr. Says, have a safe journey home."
And with that, he was gone. The funny thing was, as I was riding home on the bus I realized I never got his name, nor do I remember ever giving him mine. Maybe he saw my luggage tag. I'm not sure. It really doesn't matter. What does matter is that I've profited from that advice for the last 15 years.
I'm not even really any good at it either and I've still pulled in huge amounts of money. Especially from the Internet. This is one place this knowledge can really shine. People have always asked me my secret. How come the Warriors is still here, with the same products, with all this competition, after all these years?
This one simple secret is the answer. I always ask myself how would I like to be treated by this company? What would I like to see? What would I like to get? How would I like to be dealt with?
Those simple questions are all you have to answer. When you do get the answers, put them into action and watch what happens. Create The Site You've Been Looking For Write Like You Would Like To Be Written To Sell Like You Would Like To Be Sold To Talk Like You Would Like To Be Talked To Deal Like You Would Like To Be Dealt With Create For Others What You Would Like Created For You Excite Others The Way You Would Like To Be Excited

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Steve Martin once delivered an opening monologue for Saturday Night Live in which he answered the age-old question "How can I be a millionaire?"

His answer was fairly simple and straightforward, "First get a million dollars".

If at this point you can't help but feel that Mr. Martin performed an extraordinary feet of oversimplification that night, then I urge you to read on, and hopefully, by the time you finish this essay, you'll be convinced that becoming a millionaire isn't nearly as difficult as everyone makes it out to be.

Through a simple three-step process which I will lay out clearly, the keys to the millionaire's club will be shown to be available to anyone willing to merely reach out and grab them.

Before you begin any financial strategy, you must realize that there is a vast difference between what you earn, what you own, and what you're worth. The amount of money that you earn from going to work everyday is known as your income, and has relatively little to do with your financial status.

The sum of the value of all of your possessions is known as your wealth, and is a closer guideline. Net worth is the real gauge of how close you are to becoming a millionaire, as it is the value of all of your assets, subtracted by your total debt.

Now that you see that having a large income is not the end all guarantee of financial security, let’s move quickly to what you can due to get that million dollars that Mr. Martin so accurately described as the first step to being a millionaire.

The first phase in your journey involves understanding that time is of the essence. For those who start investing at an early age, the power of compound interest turns time into their greatest ally in wealth-building.

Once you have been investing for long enough, your investments will begin to consistently, and eventually rather impressively, outperform your paycheck.

This is true no matter what level of income you have already achieved. If you have an annual salary of $50,000, and invest only 10 percent of that each year, earning a 10% annual rate of return on your investment, in 25 years you will have amassed over half a million dollars. At this point you will be earning over $50,000 each year in interest.

Continue saving at that rate for another 10 years and you will find yourself earning $150,000 annually in interest. 10 percent of your income may seem like a lot, but if you can find an investment which directly debits the money from your paycheck each week, you will be surprised to find yourself able to live without it.

Another way to ease the pain of that 10% decrease in take home pay is to use part or all of it as an excuse to lower your tax burden, which I will discuss later. Now that you're salting away 10 percent of your income each week, and can't possibly imagine affording anymore, let's talk about how you can make one of your largest living expenses work for you rather than against you. I am of course talking about the money that you spend providing shelter for yourself and your family.

Owning a home is the single largest investment that most people will make in their lifetime, and that is why moving from renter to home owner is your next step on the road to becoming a millionaire.

The growth in the value of real estate in this country makes owning a home not only a wise investment, but also a hedge against inflation While many Americans pour their money into renting a house, effectively flushing it down a toilet they don't even own, you should be using yours to cover the mortgage payment of the most profitable purchase you'll ever make according to some financial experts.

While it's true that owning a home does come with certain expenses which a landlord normally covers for those who rent, the tax advantages which you receive for paying the interest on your loan help to offset your out of pocket expenses.

The less money you give to Uncle Sam, the more you have available to turn into improvements which increase the value of your home, as well as to put into your other investments, such as a 401k plan at work, or an IRA.

The final step in your quest to become a millionaire is to make sure that as much of the money you earn as possible is there for you to invest. That means giving as little as possible to your greedy Uncle Sam.

There are two simple ways to beat the tax man, thereby increasing the amount of money available to help build your net worth. Pretax investment vehicles, such as a 401k, traditional IRA and 529 college savings plans, allow you to lower the amount that your employer deducts from your weekly paycheck to cover your state and federal tax liability.

The only drawback to these types of investments is that once you pull the money from the account, taxes are due in full. You do however get the benefit of watching your money grow tax free for years, which allows the concept of compound interest which I discussed earlier to work harder for you than it would if your money was in a traditional savings account.

A traditional savings account is one of the worst investment vehicles available. Along with the comparatively low rates of interest which savings accounts earn, any money that you do earn is subject to annual taxation.

To avoid paying taxes on the money you withdraw once you become an independently wealthy millionaire, you should set up a Roth IRA. A Roth IRA is funded with after tax dollars, which may leave you wondering how that helps you avoid paying taxes.

The fact is though, that in a Roth IRA, all the money you earn is yours to keep. Uncle Sam can't take a penny of the money that you accrue in interest, meaning in the long run, the tax advantages are far better than any other form of investment.

I've just shown you in three easy steps how you can take advantage of the unseen forces of the financial world to grow your net worth at an alarming rate, now all that is left is for you to follow my advice and wait patiently for compound interest to work its magic.

By avoiding taxes to the greatest extent possible, turning you home into an investment, and most importantly of all, not waiting to start saving, you too can be a millionaire. What you do once you get that million dollars is up to you.

Michael Moore

Michael Moore is a successful author who provides information on home loans and debt consolidation.

A Completely New Way To Get Rich Rapidly

This new way is catching on. People are compounding money rapidly for themselves. It's no surprise to me when I discovered "how" to do this that so many people are quietly building rapid wealth for themselves and their families so successfully.

Its called "opportunity investment" and it has nothing to do with the traditional way to invest. Stocks, bonds, shares etc.

This is hands on. The entire premise is based on compounding and becoming the "investor source"
When we hand over our funds to "professionals" to invest our capital we dilute our returns dramatically.

It makes sense if you think about it. They have no interest or incentive to manufacture returns any better then maybe 10% if you are lucky. You are far removed from the "investor source" and you are forced to accept poultry compounding rates of 10%-20% per YEAR! (That's if you are lucky and doing well)

"Opportunity Investment" is a term that describes the process of taking responsibility for your own funds. Thereby becoming your own "investor source" What that means is that you determine by your daily actions and decisions, what your returns will be. I have managed over 250% per month and it was easy.

Starting with just $100, I compounded that in to $1 million dollars within 27 months. I wondered why I had been working so hard all my life previously because it was so simple. Even starting with that small amount, $100, I was able to double it every month just by applying the principle's of "opportunity-investment"

I discovered this 5 years ago. There is a book written by a guy who pioneered this formula and lives the results every day. Hayden Muller. The book is called "The Million Dollar Mentor"

The idea is to identify "investment objects" that are endowed with "excess intrinsic value" By recognising profit where others do not we put ourselves in the position to access this unseen stored portable value and transform it into profits which we pyramid and compound into rapid wealth. No kidding, if you asked me 5 years ago if 5 years later I would be writing words like this, I would have called you nuts!

You may be sitting there wondering, how in the hec this works. How are YOU going to compound your money at these levels? Let me tell you it's easy. The biggest reason it's easy is because the rest of the world don't know about it or understand it correctly, there-by making the opportunities to be abundant. It's like found money, lying around on the streets.

By applying a systematic approach to this, you can truly compound capital at staggering rates. Forget the stock market, this is not only genuine and certain, but its literally risk free because you exchange your money for "excess intrinsic value" meaning that nothing can take that value away from you. Your investment-objects represent your investment and therefore your capital is always safe.

Its my opinion that this is not new at all. Since learning and applying the principles myself, I believe this is the narrow path that all "high net worth individuals" discovered for themselves. Personally my opinion is that this "method" is what all real money did to get there in the first place.

What is novel and new is the way its packaged as a book and disclosed freely to all who choose to recognise its worth.

I am so impressed with it, as were my associates, that we invested in an online resource to share with the many who already compound their wealth rapidly and certainly day by day. (There's a link to the site below if you wish to learn more)

There's revolution in the air. Ordinary people are daring to reach for their first million and taking it. Thousands of people are not content to work their whole lives, then retire then die. They express it by their actions. They are living in large comfortable homes. They are sending their children to good schools, driving nice cars and living the life they choose today not tomorrow.

The site below is part of that paradigm shift and we fan the flames with knowledge. Wealth education need not be complicated. Your wealth education could be a lot simpler and direct if you choose it to be. Simpler is always better, and opportunity investment is the bare bones. The structure is robust and direct. Take it and earn like the many who already do.

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